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About ZaCon

ZaCon is a community driven infosec conference. The aim is to build a better community of hackers in ZA, and provide a platform for up-n-coming speakers while still getting some inspiration from the greats.

Targetting neither industry nor acedemia specifically, ZaCon exists without funding (on purpose, don't offer) or any frills that would make you want to attend other than a passion for infosec.


ZaCon V

ZaCon V is nearing. It's on the 16th of November and will be hosted at the University of Johannesburg. We'll have the schedule out shortly.


ZaCon V CFP is out, and closes on the 25th of August. You just need an abstract to apply, don't waste time.

All the details are here.

ZaCon ii: Welcome - Marco Slaviero

ZaCon2 - Welcome - Marco Slaviero from ZaCon on Vimeo.

Here are some more videos from last year: ZaCon on Vimeo