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ZaCon VI

When beating school children, the term "six of the best" was commonly used. Much like an abusive headmaster, ZaCon is back to give you its final stroke. Well, at least until we change the metaphor next year.

What is ZaCon?

ZaCon is a South African information security con run by hackers for hackers, with the explicit aim of growing the South African information security scene. New speakers, as well as veterans are encouraged, with local-research in nearly any security-relevant topic preferred (but not limited to).

If you've never spoken at a con before, start here... our process has been refined through five previous experiments and we guarantee you'll leave smarter, or your money back.

ZaCon fills the niche of being neither an academic nor a professional con, and is completely free of corporate affiliation.

It's also completely free to attend. Our only requirement is that if you pitch up, you have at least a passing interest in infosec and are looking to learn or share knowledge.

Some videos of previous talks may help clarify:

When is ZaCon?

Saturday, 3 October 2015.

Location: University of Johannesburg.

How to Participate

There is no need for a full presentation at this stage, propose a talk by sending in an abstract and the review board will base their judgement on it.

Your abstract should include the context of the talk, the problem you're tackling, and the results or solutions you'll be presenting.

There are generally fewer slots than submitted talks, and a clearly written abstract that follows all instructions will stand out.

Areas of interest are (not exclusively):

  • Any locally focused infosec research
  • New offensive or defensive tools or techniques
  • Decent explanations/demos of existing tools and techniques
  • Case studies of leet things you did at your company
  • Security metrics relating to .za
  • Code, crypto, DB, Web app, hacking
  • Any other security related hackery and fun!
  • Repeat talks are not preferred but will be considered


Submit the following details:

  • Your name
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation abstract
  • Expected presentation length in minutes
  • Any special logistics required of us
  • Your favourite xkcd

Submission mailbox:

abstracts at

The closing date for final submissions is 31 August 2015.